Advantages and disadvantages of organic food environmental sciences essay

Science is a way to learn how things work. Everything we do is part of science. Science is a systematic way to create knowledge and to explain materialization through objective means like observation, study and experimentation. Application of science leads to the development of technology.

Advantages and disadvantages of organic food environmental sciences essay

We proofread, edit and make the paper upto mark without any flaws. Starting Rs for 10 pages. It has also seen much advancement over the years. However, the agricultural practices carried out in India are still largely traditional.

Indian agriculture technology have many limitations as compared to modern agricultural technologies around the world. The main differences, similarities, advantages as well as disadvantages of the two types are discussed in this article.

Difference between traditional and modern agricultural practices The main difference between the traditional agricultural practices of India and modern agricultural practices of the world stems from the inherent nature and outlook towards farming.

Traditional farming involves methods that include labour for tilling, sowing and harvesting. Modern agricultural practices use mechanised equipment for irrigation, tilling and harvesting along with hybrid seeds. In India, the agriculture technology are labour intensive, whereas the modern agriculture technology are mainly capital intensive.

The agricultural land in India are small and disconnected in the ownership of individuals making mechanisation difficult.

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On the other hand land for modern agriculture are being consolidated into one large farm. The subsidies for modern agriculture technology is far more than traditional farming technologies. Modern agriculture gains from subsidies on energy, irrigation, seeds and fertilisers.

Irrigation and storage in modern and traditional agriculture technique Traditional farming is entirely dependent on the environmental factors for irrigation, which sometimes prove to be very unpredictable and unfavourable. Moreover, traditional irrigation practices have exhausted renewable water sources.

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It has been observed that underground water tables are dropping by 10 metres annually Viala Total area under irrigation in India Source: Government of India, Modern farming has evolved with technology that the irrigation is mainly through tube wells, sprinklers and dripping systems.

In case of harvesting and storage, modern technology takes measures such as use of tractors, mechanized equipment for tilling, ploughing and harvesting. Similarly with construction of dry and cold storage buildings protect the harvest from water, insect pests as well as heat.

Traditional harvesting and storage conditions of Indian farms and farmers result in large proportions of crop wastage. This percentage accounts for 21 million tonnes of wheat grain alone, as India lacks proper cold storage and cold chain transportation Suprem et al.

Advantages of traditional and modern technology The only instance in which traditional farming is better than modern agricultural technology is that it produces high quality product in smaller quantities. In terms of fertilizers and pesticides, traditional technologies use fertilisers and pesticides that do not pollute the soil.

Advantages and disadvantages of organic food environmental sciences essay

Modern agricultural technologies have developed these chemicals in a way that they wipe out pests and herbs but also prove to be harmful to the environment, polluting land and water. Harvested products are grouped under the category of organic produce.

On the other hand, the main advantages of modern agricultural technology lie in its predictability. The technology make sure that the farmers have crops to harvest and sell.

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There is very less chance of the crop being lost to environmental factors like drought, floods, plant diseases or low yield. The modern agricultural technology make sure that the agricultural sector gains profit every harvest season with very less crop losses.

For example, the annual crop yield in China using modern agricultural technologies is million tonnes per year. Traditional Indian agricultural practices and its problems Indian agricultural sector is in a difficult phase due to the lack of mechanisation and dearth of technological advances.Organic Food Trends: While these two factors affect the source of organic food, it is the retailers themselves who may trigger the fastest and longest-lasting drop in organic food prices.

In response to the decline of sales, a looming price war may push organic food prices down to a level comparable to regular foods. Summary. Wheat is one of the main important cereal crops in the world.

Also as one of the essential and important agricultural products. Wheat is considered as a strategic product due to its significant role in political and economic areas in the countries. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Organic Food Environmental Sciences Essay.

Print Reference this. Organic Food is about the food are planted and reared without any conventional non-organic pesticides, growth hormones, chemical repining, food irradiation, and genetic modifies, ingredient and no hydrogenated fats, which are directly related.

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