An overview of the architecture in binghamton and the famous binghamton courthouse

County officials took immediate action to ensure that the boy had no access to firearms and that the threats were false. After reviewing the evidence, Schuyler County Family Court Judge Dennis Morris determined that the boy should be removed from the home for his own good. Therefore, Morris ordered the boy placed in the custody of the Schuyler County Department of Social Services for up to six months.

An overview of the architecture in binghamton and the famous binghamton courthouse

I is for Ingenuity — atozchallenge I am always intrigued about the ingenuity of humans. Their ability to build and create things that solves problems for them.

There are many examples of ingenuity to can be seen on the back roads of America. Whether it be bridges or towers or buildings. There is always something unique and interesting to see. In this town, the train company needed a solution to get the train up high to pass by as the town was down in the valley.

So, a giant viaduct was built. Called the Tunkhannock Creek Viaduct, this giant structure.

An overview of the architecture in binghamton and the famous binghamton courthouse

To realize that this was built in is amazing to me. It is feet long, feet tall and 34 feet wide. Yes, 24 stories tall!!!!! All thirteen piers were excavated to bedrock, which was up to feet below ground level.

Almost half of the bulk of the bridge is underground. Construction on the bridge began in Mayand dedication took place on November 6, Naturally, these were to accommodate offices are in a crowded area.

The building designs were amazing and are still beautiful to look at. I really love the older buildings as they were obviously much more difficult to build and their architecture is so reminiscent of the times.

I guess I grew up watching the old Superman movies and saw the old buildings used in these.

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New York City from an old family picture — I was actually there when this was taken. There is a unique condominium structure that was built in Covington, which is a suburb of Cincinnati across the Ohio River into Kentucky.

The structure is unique in its architecture. These are massive structures that cross rivers great and small. In Cairo, Illinois there are two massive and Long Bridges. Cairo is where the confluence of the Ohio River flows into the Mississippi River.

The Ohio River is at its deepest and widest point here and when going south through this area one must cross a bridge over the Ohio and then over the Mississippi. These bridges are amazing and it stuns me that the traffic and the years have not worn these bridges away.

An amazing feat of engineering. This bridge to was stunning to me is you come down off of the hill and see the bridge down below. I wondered out loud at the time how engineers could fulfill this feat. Not only is it massive like the bridges in the east, it is also crossing over a giant bay and must also be earthquake proof.

The bridge crosses the bay in Delaware was stunning to me. I was fortunate enough to be at this bridge during sunset and cut the lovely photo of it above.

Many of the newer bridges have dozens of cables attached to large pillars. They look futuristic and are cool to drive over. I have seen quite of a few of these in recent years.Jan 11,  · E.

Lawrence Budro/The Freeman’s Journal the futuristic architecture is a perfect fit for a company in the process of reinventing the nation and world’s energy future. but soon moved down the line to Binghamton.

What would keep Ioxus here? The availability of talent, foremost: McGough said he would be delighted to sit down. Oct 31,  · The Binghamton Police Department, commonly referred to as the Binghamton Police, Binghamton Police Bureau, or simply BPD, is a professional police organization responsible for primary jurisdictional law enforcement for the city of Binghamton, New York.

Founded in , the SUNY Maritime College was the first college of its kind to be founded in the United States, the school offers Bachelor of Engineering degrees in electrical, facilities, marine, and mechanical engineering, marine electrical and electronic systems, and naval architecture.

The Bronx is the northernmost of the five boroughs of New York benjaminpohle.comnsive with Bronx County, it was the last of the 62 counties of New York State to be incorporated.

Located north of Manhattan and Queens, and south of Westchester County, the Bronx is the only borough that is located primarily on the mainland (a very small portion of Manhattan, the Marble Hill neighborhood, is physically.

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Built in , the Perry Block was designed by one of New York’s most famous architects, Isaac Gale Perry. Perry first came to Binghamton from New York City in to supervise construction of his first major architectural project, the New York State Inebriate Asylum.

Pennsylvania at Gettysburg: ceremonies at the dedication of the monuments erected by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Major General George G. Meade, Major General Winfield S. Hancock, Major General John F. Reynolds and to mark the positions of the Pennsylvania commands engaged in the battle by Pennsylvania.

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