Ancient chinese foods essay

The history of Chinese cuisine begins at Neolithic; over time, different regions have their own preferences depending on the climate and courtly fashion. With the passage of time, Chinese cuisine adopted foreign ingredients and cooking traditions. It has specific culinary peculiarities characteristic of people of different social classes and nationalities.

Ancient chinese foods essay

Chinese Food Introduction I chose Chinese food as my personal project topic. It is my first time to leave my home country and live in a totally different country Romania.

Getting used to the life here, I realized that I miss Chinese food so much. I visited some local Chinese restaurants, and some of them are really good.

Since the restaurants are quite far away from my home, making Chinese food by myself really inspires me. I used to be the kid who never steps into the kitchen except looking for the food in fridge. However, this can be the turning point of my life. I feel excited to make my own traditional Chinese food and share it with others in Romania.

I did a survey in school, and gladly realized that most of teachers and colleagues are fans of Chinese food, which inspired in me a love for cooking. Through the basic research in this topic, I found that eating in Chinese does not only mean filling the stomach, but also finding an aspiring and positive thought for such an epicurean lifestyle.

Also, learning more interesting and colorful history about Chinese food and presenting it will be a pleasant and proud job for me. The goal for my personal project is to show the culture, art and easy home-cooking ways of Chinese food by writing a book on my own and try to make different kinds of Chinese food successful as well.

Linking my project to the areas of interaction The book I aimed to write and the food I try to make to share will address the area of interaction, human ingenuity because they aim to present the fascination of my topic- Chinese food. The book will be in English, and I will use my experience to show the easiest way of making the most delicious and healthiest Chinese food.

All the cooking way I will show in my book must be the ways I have tried. The specifications of my work can be showed as follows 1. I will do research in Chinese food culture, including history, food system, ingredient, traditional recipe and culinary art.

I developed four guiding questions to help me with my research, which are: What is the story of Chinese people to make this kind of food? What are the Chinese food systems? What is the character of each kind of system and what are the differences between them?

How does traditional ingredient make the food better and special? How do we appreciate the Chinese food? I will try to practice making Chinese food on my own as much as possible, as many kinds as possible.

It is easy to make food, but it is very difficult to make the food really good. So it needs a lot of practice, patience, and experience. It is a good and challenging idea to write a book about Chinese food on my own.

Based on what I will have known in Chinese food culture and easy ways to cook at home. The book should be in the right format and well designed.Sichuan cuisine has a really long history and it can be dated back to the period of Qin Dynasty.

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Comparison of Chinese and Western Food Culture Food is closely related to people's lives and it is considered the most important element in Chinese culture.

Chinese food is famous all over the world too. The Ancient Chinese used these ingredients to make porridge, tea, soups, etc.

Specialization is another key to success.

Ancient chinese foods essay

You have to have surpluses of food to specialize or master a trade/art. Chinese Food Essay Examples. 9 total results. The History and Health Benefits of Tofu the Wonder Food.

words. 1 page. An Analysis of the Chinese Food's Popularity in the United States. words. 1 page. Experiencing the United States as a Canadian. words. 2 pages. A Chines Food in England.

15 Interesting Facts on Chinese Food You Probably Won't Know. Chinese food "Chinese food" is the most popular food in the world, but authentic Chinese food has many differences with Western food!

Here are 15 or so more facts to educate and shock you. See The Symbolism of Chinese Foods. Dishes Are Shared Lazy-Suzy . The most famous Chinese food is Peking duck, Dim sum, fried rice, century egg, and turtle soup. Use free sample research papers on Chinese food to realize that like the French, the Chinese appreciate food and eat very many native plants and animals.

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