Courant masters thesis

Rankings[ edit ] The Courant Institute specializes in applied mathematicsmathematical analysis and scientific computation.

Courant masters thesis

Adrianus van Overbeek is remembered as an exceptionally gifted and creative engineer. Browsing through his notebooks, which are today being kept in the Philips Company Archive, one wonders if there was a kind of tube that van Overbeek did not work on.

Switching tubes, phase modulating tubes, phasitrons, detector tubes, counter and traveling wave tubes and from transistors are but a few of the many topics addressed in the notebooks. The only photograph of van Overbeek that I have is pasted on his personal department h.

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Click on the picture to view the HR department record cards front end backside. When van Overbeek returned with Jonker from the tubelab, a second record was made. Van Overbeek is born on the 11th of Januaryalso in den Haag the Hague. He joins Philips on the first of October at the young age of seventeen.

He only finished high school 5 year H. Van Overbeek does not start his career in research, but in the department where rectifiers are fabricated. Only half a year later, on the 27th of Marchhe is transferred to the NatLab to join the radio tube research group of Jonker.

After a year Jonker leaves to start the tube lab at the production side at the Emmasingel. Two years after Jonker left, van Overbeek is also temporarily transferred to the tube lab, most likely to help Jonker with his mission.

Both men return to the NatLab on the 19th of September [19]. People who have known van Overbeek remember him as being rather eccentric. Rodenhuis, for instance, remembers how van Overbeek, in a speech during a reception at the occasion of his twenty fifth year with Philips, pondered on the fact that twenty five to him did not have any special meaning over any other number.

Jan Slotboom, who when he joint Philips shared offices with van Overbeek, and who was by then almost retired, remembered how he would disappear for weeks. On one occasion when he turned up again, and the mail on his desk had grown to quite a pile, he swept the whole pile into the wastebasket next to his desk and stated: The entries in the notebook are not in chronological order, but are rather organized by project.

On page 4 we find: The page is dated 20th of February So at least some first experiments with the counting tube must have been performed prior to that date.

Courant masters thesis

Note, that the type number E1T had not been assigned to the tube at that time. In fact it can not be found in all the notebooks and reports that I have consulted.

Most likely it was assigned to the tube by the commercial departments at a pretty late stage. First regular entry on the counting tube dated 13th of March Apparently at that time already some test samples 38AK, 38AL had been fabricated. In these preliminary experiments an additional tube was needed because of an incorrect placement of the deflection plate and because the deflection electrode drew too high a current due to secondary emission electrons.

So the principle of the E1T was filed in an Invention Disclosure with number The entry in notebook discusses the results from test tubes numbers 38AK and 38AL. The test samples were made by the NatLab radio-tube workshop.

Browsing through the notebooks, it becomes clear that all the counting tube test samples start with 38 followed by two letters. For new experiments a letter higher in the alphabet is used. Over the following years many batches of test counting tubes are fabricated.

Some of these batches contain as many tubes 38EAEA The last batch of test tubes mentioned in the notebooks is 38JP April After only four pages the entry in notebook stops, and is continued in a new notebook nr.

Summary of the results of an experimental series of test tubes to look at process variation. Out of the series of tubes, 31 tubes were rejected because a short circuits due to getter deposition on the top mica, 12 tubes were lost due to other causes, and for the remaining tubes the anode resistor for proper operation was selected: They contain graphs, tables with measurement data and some isolated conclusions.

These conclusions tend to deal with some very specific issues or problems and are therefore difficult to interpret. Unfortunately, the general trends and ideas, which are so much of interest to us, were largely stored in the head of van Overbeek.The making of the E1T The E1T scaler tube, who were the people who invented it, where was it developed and produced?

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Examine the requirements needed for a Master's in Computer Science at the Computer Science Department at New York University's Courant Institute. Requirements for Masters in Computer Science. or MS thesis (no external internships).

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