Define creative writing major

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Define creative writing major

I have made updates to reflect that Virtual Connect is two words, and technical changes to explain another method of network configuration within Virtual Connect that prevents the port blocking described below. The blog was intended to state exactly what it did: To see the original post click the link http: Ken knows his stuff, our views may differ occasionally but he definitely gets the technology.

It is not my intent to use numbers favorable to one vendor or the other. I will be as technically accurate as possible throughout, I welcome all feedback, comments and corrections from both sides of the house. HP does not consider VC Ethernet modules to be switches, but for the purpose of this discussion they will be.

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I make this decision based on the fact that: They make switching decisions and they are the same hardware as the ProCurve line of blade switches. You can see that each chassis is independently connected to SAN A and B for Fibre Channel access, but Ethernet traffic can traverse the stacking-links along with the domain management traffic.

This allows a reduced number of uplinks to be used from the VC domain to the network for each 4 chassis VC domain. This solution utilizes 13 total links to provide 16 Gbps of FC per chassis assuming 8GB uplinks and 20 Gbps of Ethernet for the entire VC domain with blocking considerations discussed below.

Define creative writing major

More links could be added to provide additional bandwidth. This method of management and port reduction does not come without its drawbacks.

In the next graphic I add loop prevention and server to server communication. The first thing to note in the above diagram is the blocked link. This means that to prevent loops from being caused within the VC domain only one link can be actively used for upstream connectivity per VLAN.

Because of this loop prevention system you will see multiple-hops for frames destined between servers in separate chassis, as well as frames destined upstream in the network. In the diagram I show a worst case scenario for educational purposes where a frame from a server in the lower chassis must hop three times before leaving the VC domain.

Proper design and consideration would reduce these hops to two max per VC domain.

Define creative writing major

The second method will allow both uplinks to be configured using separate vNets which allows each uplink to be utilized even within the same VLANs but segregates that VLAN internally. The following diagram shows this configuration. While both methods have advantages and disadvantages this will typically be the preferred method to avoid link blocking and allow better bandwidth utilization.

For instance in the top example above only one link will be usable per VLAN. Assuming 10GE links, that leaves 10G bandwidth upstream for 64 servers.

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Additional links may need to be added to provide adequate upstream bandwidth.Chairperson: Sarah Wadsworth, Ph.D. Department of English website The Department of English at Marquette University is a community of scholar-teachers and students who embrace the traditional Jesuit conception of liberal education inspired by St.

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