Essay on mothers day in punjabi

The student council members also lend a helping hand in the distribution of the contribution. The lunch commenced during school lunch hours and witnessed large gathering of under privileged people.

Essay on mothers day in punjabi

It is a modern time celebration which was originated in the North America in order to honour the mothers. It is celebrated to salute the motherhood as well as increasing the maternal bonds to children. It is celebrated to increase the influence of mothers in the society.

In India, it is celebrated every year on second Sunday of the month of May. It falls every year on second Sunday of the month of May.

However, its celebration was also noticed in the UK as a Mothering Sunday.

Essay on mothers day in punjabi

It is celebrated in modern ways and not in years old ways. It is being celebrated in almost 46 countries of the world on different dates. It is a big event for Essay on mothers day in punjabi when they get chance and opportunity to honour their mothers.

Earlier, the ancient people of Greek were highly dedicated to their maternal goddesses on the special occasion of annual spring festival. According to the Greek mythology, they were celebrating this occasion in order to honour the Rhea means the wife of Cronus as well as mother of many deities.

Ancient Roman people were also celebrating a spring festival named as Hilaria which was dedicated to the Cybele means a mother goddess. At that time, devotees were used of making offerings in front of the mother Goddess Cybele in the temple.

The whole celebration was organized for three days long with lot of activities like variety of games, parades and masquerades. Another history of Mothers Day celebration is in England around s. Christians worship the Virgin Mary, offer some gifts and flowers and pay tribute to Her. Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis care and love after death and decided to suggest a day for mothers to honour them and symbolized their true love.

People celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and joy by organizing many activities to pay tribute to the lovely mothers. People who care and love their mothers celebrate this special occasion in many ways.

It is an only day of the year which has been dedicated to all the mothers in this world. People in various countries celebrate this event on different dates and days according to the country norms and calendar.

In India it is celebrated every year on second Sunday of the month of May in almost all regions of the country. The ways of celebration has been changed a lot in this modern time all over the India. It has become an event of big awareness in the society. Everyone wants to participate and celebrate this event according to their own way.

It is the indication of presence of foreign festival in this culturally diverse country. It is a global event celebrated in many countries High technologies like computer and internet has brought a huge revolution in the society which is generally shows everywhere.

Now-a-days, people are highly aware about their relationship and want to honour and respect through celebration. India is a country of great culture and tradition where people give first place and priority to their mother. This is the day when we can realize the care love, hard work and motivational thoughts of our mothers.

Essay on mothers day in punjabi

She is a great person in our life without which we cannot imagine a simple life. She is one who makes our life so simple and easy with her caring love. It is the time to rejoice and give respect to the mother by understanding her importance. A mother is like a Goddess who never wants anything back from children.

She only wants to make her children a responsible and good human being. Our mothers are motivational and guiding force for us which helps us to always go ahead and overcome any problem. Mothers of the small students are especially invited in the schools to be a part of the celebration.

At this day, each student tells something about their mother through poem recitation, essay writing, speech narration, dancing, singing, conversation, etc.

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Mothers are also initiated by the teachers to show something to their kids in the classrooms. They generally sing songs or dance to entertain the kids. Mothers are also brings some lovely dishes in the school and distribute equally to all students of the class at the end of celebration.

Kids also give their moms a handmade greeting cards or other thing as a gift. Kids go to restaurants, malls, parks, etc places with their parents to enjoy in different ways. People of Christian religion celebrate it in their own ways.Essay on winter season in punjabi mother.

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Ja descriptive essay. Mother’s Day Essay 1 ( words) Mother’s Day is a happiest and highly memorable day of the year for every kids, children and students.

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Mother’s day is a special day of the year which has been dedicated for all mothers of the India. Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on second Sunday in . Mother’s Day in India. Mother’s Day is an annual event celebrated every year to honour and respect a mother.

It is a modern time celebration which was originated in the North America in order to honour the mothers.

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