Famous case studies in public relations

His great grandfather was Isaac Bernayschief rabbi of Hamburg. Bernays was a "double nephew" of Viennese psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud —by virtue of his mother, Freud's sisterand of his father's sister, Martha Bernays Freudwho married Sigmund. The Bernays family moved from Vienna to the United States in the s. Ely Bernays became a grain exporter at the Manhattan Produce Exchange, then sent for his wife and children.

Famous case studies in public relations

Utilizing social media and having a strong online presence makes connecting with fans much more achievable. Below are some good case studies of bands that found success through an online campaign.

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I encourage musicians to review these examples and pay attention to the elements that made them successful. Then think about how to implement those strategies into your own marketing plans. While watching the video, scenes from your old neighborhood are pulled in using Google street view.

The elements of new technology, interactivity, nostalgia, experimentation, and personalization all aided in making this video a huge hit. Think about those factors for your next campaign. Having something for the casual fan to the super fan is a great way to be able to sell more and put additional money in your pocket.

One way to utilize this method is through Topspin, an online funding platform for artists, musicians, inventors, filmmakers, etc. Josh Freese decided to try out Topspin to help fund an upcoming album. Check out Topspin to see how you can use it creatively to fund your next project. If you make it the right fit and support it correctly, it can work.

It all started with her tweeting about how she was alone, again, on a Friday night sitting in front of her computer. A follower suggested the group create a t-shirt. Amanda quickly decided to run with it. She took a sharpie and made a t-shirt design.

What can you learn for this example? Be personable and share a variety of things with your fans. Always be on your toes, ready to act quickly when opportunities arise. One of the ways Matthew caters to his super fans is through a subscription based website.

He offers a wide range of perks are including members-only parties, VIP seating at shows, access to new music as soon as he creates it, new live concert recordings every month, broken apart tracks ready for remixing, behind-the-scene sketches, drafts, and ideas, and many more.

View the full list of packages and perks here. The band uses Tumblra simple and free blogging platform, to regularly update their fans from the road.

After each show they share pictures, videos, and posts about their experiences, even down to thanking the sound guy, door person, bartender, and of course the fans.

They do it right by updating frequently, providing a wide variety of content, and always remaining authentic. Gossip Grows on Trees from North Carolina executed a creative way to gain more email addresses at live shows.

They created a download web page that gave visitors a free music download in exchange for their email. At shows they walked around and handed out custom fortune cookies with the URL of the download page and a short message from the band. This gave the band an opportunity to spark conversation and develop relationships with fans.

Plus, a lot more people visited the download page and provided their email address because they were approached in a memorable way. All of these online music marketing case studies have a common theme of musicians connecting with fans. You have to be willing to push it out there and utilizing online mediums is a key element.

If you know of a successful online music marketing case study, please share it in the comments. This post originally appeared on the On Pitch blog.PolicyLink Promoting Healthy Public Policy through Community-Based Participatory Research: Ten Case Studies A project of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health.

The classic case of how to do deal with adversity and come through the other side, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) set the bar for crisis PR. In , seven people died in the Chicago area after taking extra-strength Tylenol capsules that were found to contain cyanide, prompting mass oppression to the brand.

On March, 3, DPK Public Relations' president Dan Keeney, APR presented, "The How-to of Crisis Communications." In this presentation, he offers a comprehensive look at the fundamentals of crisis communications planning, response and recovery, introducing the concept of . Twenty-Five Landmark Cases in Supreme Court History and the start of a new period of American race relations.

Famous case studies in public relations

With Brown, desegregation of public schools began—as did To win a libel case, public figures must prove “actual malice” on the part of the writer. In , Edward Bernays launched a campaign to convince women to smoke in public. Tom Kelleher, author of Public Relations in the Digital Age, describes this famous case in Public Relations history and discusses the importance of examining the ethical dimension of decision-making in public relations.

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