Hatshepsut legacy

Feeling Hat, Hat, Hat First, a bit of backstory. Hatshepsut was born to Pharaoh Thutmose I, probably of non-royal parentage, and his Great Royal Wife Ahmose likely a royal relativesometime between and B.

Hatshepsut legacy

Queen Hatshepsut's extraordinary legacy

The palace, with its sculpted columns, vibrantly colored murals and serene garden pools, was the perfect place for Hatshepsut to play and learn the duties she would need to continue her father's legacy.

Hatshepsut was rarely called by her full name. Her family called her Hatasu, the familiar and comforting name she knew well. As a member of the royal family, her path was ordained.


Secure in her future and the knowledge she would marry with her brother, Hatasu willingly learned her duties.

For years, her mother ignored the prophecy put forth by the most accurate of the oracles. She clung to the one she wanted to believe, the easier path for her daughter.

It was many years before an old nurse told Hatasu of the second prophecy, and as tragedy surrounds her, Hatasu has an uneasy feeling she may never be Queen. Her father, the Pharaoh, ruled over a vast land with many holdings.

Hatshepsut legacy

Their culture and tradition had been destroyed many years ago and it must not be allowed to happen again.

Yearly tributes were paid and respect earned. When a visiting delegation disregards tradition and flagrantly engages in an act of war, one of Hatasu's brothers is the target of an assassination attempt. As the events unfold, Hatasu learns there is much unseen in the realm that must be learned to save their way of life.

Reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.Hatsheput's Legacy User Description: Includes information about Hatshepsut's legacy such as her obelisks, the mortuary temple and the trip to the land of Punt and much more.

Thutmose III left a legacy of greatness, as stated by Richard benjaminpohle.coml (), a dependable secondary source. Thutmose III had taken an isolated and defeated nation, due to Hatshepsut’s unmilitary reign, and made it into an imperial power.

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Hatshepsut By Phyllis Naegeli In Egypt, most pharaohs were men. Fathers usually passed on the throne to the firstborn son of their favored wife. However, Hatshepsut was She left behind a great legacy in this ancient land. Hatshepsut Questions 1.

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