How to write a faith statement for confirmation

It's a sort of coming-of-age moment for young adult Catholics.

How to write a faith statement for confirmation

I invariably gravitate towards the statement of faith. Unfortunately, not all websites have statements of faith.

Of those that do, I find most are sufficient.

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However, occasionally I will find a statement of faith that is rather generic and woefully insufficient. So, how should we write a good statement of faith? I'd like to offer the following suggestions. Pray Of course, when delving into spiritual matters and seeking to accurately represent the word of God, prayer should be a part of the process.

In fact, it should be the first thing we do. After all, we are asking for guidance. Know what you believe You can't write about what you don't know - though some try. You should know exactly what it is you believe so you can articulate it.

Along this line of thought, I would recommend that people learn such terms as Trinity, hypostatic union, justification, sanctification, imputation, salvation, atonement, etc. Such words are theological as well as biblical. So, it helps to know what words to use.

After all, words are the tools of theology. Decide what areas are important In order to do this, it helps to know what the essentials of the Christian faith are and are not.

For example, the Trinity is an essential doctrine that defines the God of Christianity, but worshiping on Saturday or Sunday is not an essential doctrine since worshiping on either day does not make someone a Christian or not.

This is important because the essential doctrines should be clearly defined, and the nonessentials should be approached with grace so that a variety of opinions are allowed. Use Scripture Whenever possible, it is best to document your statement of faith with Scriptures.

It is the word of God to which we must appeal in order to validate our faith.

Confirmation Faith Statement Project

If your position cannot be found in Scripture, perhaps it should not be included in a statement of faith, unless, however, it is stated that such a position is not explicitly declared in Scripture but as an opinion. Affirm and Deny For clarity purposes it is best to affirm a doctrine and deny a heresy.

In other words, declare what you affirm and also deny what you disagree with. So, an example would be in the doctrine of the Trinity. Notice how it affirms and denies as well as provides Scripture.

All three are the one God, coeternal, coequal, etc. It does not affirm or deny the Trinity. In fact, Oneness Pentecostal people could affirm it, as well as Mormons and Jehovah's Witnessesyet they deny the Trinity.

They do, however, use the same words but they have different meanings. Oneness Pentecostal theology says there is one person in the Godhead who took three different manifestations.

So, without clarification the statement is completely insufficient. In Mormonism salvation is universal resurrection. In Roman Catholicism salvation is by grace, but they mean that grace enables them to do good works by which they are then saved.

It is not clear. Here is the CARM statement of faith on salvation: Salvation is obtained by grace alone, through faith alone, in the work of Christ alone John 3: We are chosen for salvation by God 2 Thess.

Also, there is a denial so as to further clarify what the doctrinal statement means. Is the resurrection physical, spiritual, or both? The Jehovah's Witnesses teach that Jesus Christ is resurrected, but not physically. They say it was a spiritual resurrection.

So, in order to exclude them from the statement of faith, precision is necessary. Please consider again the CARM statement of faith on this topic. He was raised in a glorified, physical body still retaining his crucifixion wounds.╬ In order to assist you in writing your faith statement, seven questions are included on the following two pages.

You are encouraged to answer these questions in writing BEFORE you type your faith statement. Please hand in these sheets with your typed faith statement to Pastor Jason. Members of a congregation facing installation as church officers such as elders or deacons, and young people becoming members through completion of the Confirmation process should profess agreement with their denomination's traditions and beliefs in their personal faith statements.

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Confirmation letters are predominately used as a way to affirm a person's decision to pursue their faith and to welcome him or her into the communion of the Catholic Church.

how to write a faith statement for confirmation

In the Catholic tradition, they are meaningful and important tools for sharing faith. Confirmation Statements of Faith. 1. Jenn W. Over the past months, I have been attending confirmation class weekly and truly exploring my religion. As a class, we have all learned and gone through this experience together, including retreats at Silver Lake, SPF meetings, and confirmation classes.

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