Hurricane katrina term paper

It is one of the most disastrous forces that we have seen in years. Many parts of Louisiana and Mississippi have been hit the hardest and the remains of the states are very little. Almost everything that has not been destroyed is under water. One of the big problems that the young residents of these areas are now facing is where to go to school.

Hurricane katrina term paper

Term Papers Tagged With: In augustthe State of Louisiana was hit with one of the most devastating natural disasters the United States has ever seen. New Orleans specifically was among the cities who felt the full force of Hurricane Katrina. According to Jennifer Trevedi, In the book, Encyclopedia of Disaster, Jennifer Trevedi describes the extent of the damage through breaches of the levee.

Trevedi says, the levees were breached in over fifty different spots flooding the St. Bernard and Plaquemine parish. Some of the most significant breaches occurred at the Industrial Canal, the 17th Street Canal, and the London canal Once the initial shock of the situation subsided, people wanted answers.

Why did the levees fail? Who was responsible for this catastrophic mistake? S Army Corps of Engineers Corps who was put in charge of the construction of the levee system took the blame. With this in mind the Corps cannot be found completely responsible for the disaster that occurred in the city of New Orleans.

A hurricane watch is Damage Caused by Hurricanes High winds are a primary cause IIIwhy do some blame the corps After hurricane Katrina struck the city was destroyed. The residents of New Orleans had lost practically everything.

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Most of the devastation happened in the poorer parts of the city with a predominantly African American population. Everyone was angry with how little effort was put into the evacuation of the low income areas and many people who had pre-determined that the levee failure was the fault of the Corps compared the two situations.

The African American community of New Orleans felt because they were poor, and black they were interpreted as if they were to blame for not leaving prior to the storm hitting the city.

Just like the Corps was to blame because people misinterpret their responsibility in the overall decision making in the building of the flood control system. The problems with the levees goes back to another storm that caused a lot of damage.

S Army Corps of Engineers took on more responsibility for the building of the hurricane protection system after Hurricane Betsy. However, because of the growing population of New Orleans and constant lawsuits involving different ideas of how the levees were to be built, the Corps never were able to properly complete the flood protection plan While the construction and design of the flood control system was part of the Corps responsibility, they never really had control of putting their plan into effect because of constant disagreements between different agencies.

Hurricanes bring floods inland. Every person living in southern Florida should look Astonishingly, many people did not have flood insurance.

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All in all, hurricanes have torn families and homes apart. While the Corps came up with a design they thought would be able to protect the city of New Orleans they were subject to constant legal obstacles that restricted them from achieving their overall goal of protecting the people from a disaster like Hurricane Betsy.

Army Corps of Engineers desire to build the levee strength up before there is a flood that would ruin the farmland. However, environmentalist are fighting the U. Army Corps of Engineers, stating that the land that is used for cotton farming would have better use if it was returned to its natural state as a wetland 3, 4.

While the local farmers are in favor of the Corps building the levees strength up to protect their cotton farming, environmentalist are stalling the Corps efforts because they want the area to be returned to its natural state as a wetland.

So while government agencies can stall the process of building levees up there are also many different organizations that have their own idea of what is best for the area where the levees will be built.Excerpt from Term Paper: Hurricane Katrina that ripped through the Gulf Coast of the United States on August 29, , was one of the most destructive tropical cyclones ever to hit the United States.

Term paper help. Evaluation writing samples; Outline for a research paper ; Three parts of an essay ; MBA admission essay writing tips; Effects Of Hurricane Katrina. In the entire history of America, Katrina Hurricane was considered as one of the worst hurricanes in the last century.

One can say it a centuries hurricane. Hurricane Katrina was the most costly hurricane in history. This hurricane caused $81 billion in property damages, but it is estimated that the total economic impact in Louisiana and Mississippi may exceed $ billion. Hurricane Katrina earn ed the title of costliest hurricane ever in US history.

It flooded 80 percent of New Orleans and destroyed more than , homes. Read Hurricane Katrina free essay and over 89, other research documents. Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane katrina term paper

Hurricane Katrina has hit many parts of the southeast region of /5(1). Term Paper Hurricane Katrina and 90,+ more term papers written by professionals and your peers. Hurricane Katrina Rhondalyn N. Fluellen SCI June 29, University of Phoenix Shelby Frutchey Hurricane Katrina On August 29, , one of the worst storms in history made landfall in the United States’ southern region.

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