Interesting newspaper articles to write about

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Interesting newspaper articles to write about

The panic inspired by Welles made War of the Worlds perhaps the most notorious event in American broadcast history. The supposed panic was so tiny as to be practically immeasurable on the night of the broadcast.

Advertisement How did the story of panicked listeners begin?


Radio had siphoned off advertising revenue from print during the Depression, badly damaging the newspaper industry. The newspaper industry sensationalized the panic to prove to advertisers, and regulators, that radio management was irresponsible and not to be trusted.

Yet that observation failed to stop the Daily News from splashing the panic story across this legendary cover a few hours later. New York Daily News front page from Oct. A curious but predictable phenomenon occurred: As the show receded in time and became more infamous, more and more people claimed to have heard it.

But that was hardly the case. Far fewer people heard the broadcast—and fewer still panicked—than most people believe today. How do we know?

The night the program aired, the C. Hooper ratings service telephoned 5, households for its national ratings survey. In other words, 98 percent of those surveyed were listening to something else, or nothing at all, on Oct. This miniscule rating is not surprising. No scholar, however, has ever isolated or extrapolated an actual number of dial twirlers.

CBS commissioned a nationwide survey the day after the broadcast, and network executives were relieved to discover just how few people actually tuned in.

Inan esteemed academic solidified the myth in the public mind. But this cherry-picked data set was clearly tainted by the sensationalistic newspaper publicity following the broadcast a possibility Cantril also admitted.

interesting newspaper articles to write about

Was the small audience that listened to War of the Worlds excited by what they heard? And yet such behavior has become part of the War of the Worlds myth, as highlighted by the PBS program. Wire service reports did relay sensational stories of unnamed panicked listeners saved only by the timely intervention of friends or neighbors, but not one newspaper reported a verified suicide connected to the broadcast.

The rumor was checked and found to be inaccurate.

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The Washington Post reported that one Baltimore listener died of a heart attack during the show, but unfortunately no one followed up to confirm the story or provide corroborative details. But did armed citizens and National Guardsmen really assemble throughout America? Did mobs rove the streets?

While newspapers made Oct. Four days after its initial, sensational report, the Washington Post published a letter from one reader who walked down F Street during the broadcast. Nor were CBS or Welles sanctioned in any manner.

In fact, the FCC prohibited complaints about the program from being used in license renewal hearings.


For the FCC and the networks, the sensationalized newspaper reports were at worst a nuisance. The documentary does acknowledge this new work but relegates it to one line, late in the program: But that one line fails to balance the accounts of hysteria peppered throughout the script.

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