Investigatory solar cooker and shoe carton

How to Build a Solar Oven Build a homemade solar cooker to prepare whole meals with free, renewable energy.

Investigatory solar cooker and shoe carton

Introduction At this point of time, in this age of technology and futurity, we tend to keep on using products, materials and inventions which come from non-renewable sourcessources such as oil, petroleum, fuel, natural gas, etc. For example, in cooking, we need heat to cook the food, and to have that heat, we need a tank of Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG.

That is the reason why our group came up to an idea of making a cooking equipment which will not need natural gas or LPG for heat and for cooking. That is the Solarios, a solar cooker.

All we need is the energy from the sun and some other tools for this great product to be of great use, work, and help. Statement of the Problem 1. Can Solarios cook enough amount of food in a given enough amount of time? How can Solarios utilize solar heat and where can it be obtained for cooking food?

If we position properly the solar cooker which is direct to the sunlight and efficiently heated by the heat, then we will be able to cook any food properly. If we use natural factors such as the Investigatory solar cooker and shoe carton in being able to cook food then we will be able to use it as an alternative heat.

This project will tackle only on the right materials, procedures, and systematic ways showing and letting everyone know that using solar energy against gas, charcoal, and electricity is a better choice.

This is a very timely solution for problems linked to practices of cooking with firewood and gas such as increase in deforestation, amount of time, cost, fire hazards, and respiratory health issues due to the inhalation of smoke in closed proximities.

Our study is also only limited to advantages and possibilities of using this innovative project in our country which is known to be tropical by nature.

This will further teach students the process and involvement of science and technology on natural resources such as, that solar energy may be used for commercial purposes. We tend to convey that by using free solar energy, cooking will be safe, healthy, bring less harm to our environment and will be a better alternative solution for environmental problems of developing countries like our very own Philippines.

And also our product is only the prototype therefore it can only cook basic foods such as hotdogs, eggs, etc. But it can also be used for boiling water. It lets us create equipment which can be used especially in times when the gas used for cooking is insufficient.

This study helps us create alternative cooking equipment using a renewable source which is very useful to many people. Also, when in cooking, people would not anymore worry about their expenses in buying these LPG tanks which in the Philppines, cost a lot right now because what they only need is the sun and the raw food they are about to cook.

It is a branch of Physics that deals with the study of light, its properties, its interaction with matter and the construction of instruments that use or detect it. Usually, this branch of Physics describes the behaviour of different kinds of light such as visible, ultraviolet, infrared light and etc.

In this particular project of ours, the branch of Physics is applied on the part of the light coming from the sun with the method of refracting and reflecting it to utilize its use for the progress of the purpose of the project, or simply, using the light to cook food.

A branch of Physics that deals with the study of transfer of heat and of work done on or by different bodies of radiation and its effects on material bodies and on radiation in regions of space.

This is one of the most important processes because by this, we will be able to prove the feasibility and productivity rate of our project. A process in energies present in matter wherein the energy present is transformed from one form into another.

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Investigatory solar cooker and shoe carton

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Your source for local news, breaking news, business, sports, arts & entertainment, politics, jobs, real estate & more at Solar energy is the most commonly form of renewable energy that is used in applications ranging from household power to spacecraft electrical systems.

However, solar energy can only be created when there is sunlight, necessitating the use of alternate energy sources, or a . The feasibility of reflective solar heated grill that is built from an old shoe carton box and foil as alternative cooking equipment was studied in this investigatory project.

The box was shaped and cut and the foil was settled in the middle making it look like a slide. TRANSFORMER PROJECT. You can make a transformer from magnet wire and an iron rod. Remember that magnet wire, although it looks bare, actually has .

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