Mitchells jams pakistan

Modern high-volume industrial equipment, professional management and a trained workforce all combine to ensure that Mitchells continues its dominance as the innovator, market leader and trend setter. In this regard a major step was taken inwhen Mitchells became the first food company in Pakistan to achieve ISO accreditation, thus becoming more competitive on the international stage also.

Mitchells jams pakistan

However, AIDC sold all of its shares to the current majority owners Shahnawaz Group in and the Company became a publicly traded entity. Although the Company is known for its mango juices, but is also a major producer and exporter of pickles, jams and ketchup, the firm has been relentlessly expanding both into local and in international markets ever since.

To better serve its customers the company has been slowly expanding itself. To make sure it won't face any supply issues in exports back inShezan has established a separate unit in Karachi, which now caters for Karachi, Sindh and export demand. Shezan has a juice factory in Hatter, Khyber- Pakhtunkhwa and a bottle filling plant in Lahore, which has increased its productivity significantly.

Shezan also owns and operate an independent Tetra Brik plant. The firm's head office is located in Lahore and has distribution offices in United Kingdom and Canada.


Financial performance Shezan Pakistan Limited from FY10 to FY14 has seen its top line expand at a compound annual growth rate of 14 percent. The performance of the juice company unlike its other counterparts in the FMCG sector is relatively slow, but it has been quite steady compared to big names.

Besides the growth in domestic sales, the firm is quite successfully able to increase its export footprints over the years. Shezan's export during the period under discussion in terms of net sales has grown from 6 percent in FY10 to 14 percent in FY On the other hand, the profits of Shezan have risen to new heights during this time.

There is no doubt Shezan took the advantage of growing consumerism and urbanism in the country. In FY10, the top line continuously increased and reported a 29 percent growth year-on-year. But the firm faced a high commodity prices environment in which commodity prices escalated to unprecedented levels.

Most notable was the hike in the price of sugar, an essential ingredient in the top line products which took an exceptional surge in the core cost. This increased put pressure on the gross profit margins for the year.

The financial year was the growth year for the company. Shezan continued to focus on its growth strategy, led by its juice products in Tetra packaging including juice brands like "All Pure" and "Twist".

The food products other than juices and drinks grew by FY11 was also a good year for export growth, which, grew rapidly by In a decade or so Shezan has started to face significant competition from the big names in growing consumer sector of Pakistan.

To keep the pace with stiff competition Shezan had to enhance the advertisement and sales promotion expense. The company gave a mediocre performance during the first six months of FY14, but, Shezan ended the year on a high note. The domestic competition from Nestle in the juice and drink sector intensified, and that put a negative impact on the local sale performance.

However, during the year, export sales of juices in the bottle have seen unprecedented growth. Shezan saw its exports grew by 66 percent year-on-year and in terms of net sale, the export portion was 14 percent, highest in the Shezan's history.

Keep in mind that during FY14 the government stopped gas supply to industries in Punjab and the company was unremittingly dependent on furnace oil to run its boilers and diesel was used to run the generators.

All these issues created the higher cost of production. As the domestic competition from Mitchell's and Nestle started to heat up, it was expected from Shezan to continue to increase its export sales. During the first half of the FY15, export sales showed an active growth, but this momentum was not sustained in the later part of the financial year in the backdrop of the sharp decline in the oil prices.

For this very reason the African exports were much affected, and now the company believes that it will be a significant challenge for the firm to regain the growth momentum in this part of the world.

Mitchells jams pakistan

Segment wise reporting shows that the firm's juice and drinks business that contribute about 82 percent of its total saw five percent decline year-on-year. However, the pickle, condiments, and others items saw a growth of 36 percent year-on-year in FYMitchells Fruits Farm Limited currently holds 1% share of the Food Industry as shown in the figure 3 below; Figure 3 - Market Share of Mitchells Fruits Farm Limited2 Nestle Pakistan Limited The third contributor towards Food Industry of Pakistan is Nestle Pakistan Limited, a renowned name which everyone is familiar with.

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Certification of FSSC and transformation of ISO to at Production Manager at Mitchell's . Renala Khurd is famous for the farms of Mitchells industries. Their jams, jellies and ketchup are famous. Akhtarabad (N5 km marker ) Wan Radharam (N5 km marker ) Pattoki (N5 km marker ) All Things Pakistan.

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Mitchells jams pakistan
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