Moringa biodiesel business plan

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Moringa biodiesel business plan

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Email4 KwaZulu-Natal biofuel company Vuthwa has spent R8 million in the past five years, searching for a biodiesel crops that will give high yields on marginal soils and be easy to manage as a community project.

The oil is highly sought after by cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies, and can be used in cooking, for engine lubrication, and more importantly, as biodiesel. Even when grown for biodiesel, moringa moringa biodiesel business plan to food security. Moringa is not listed as an invasive species and Vuthwa says it poses an extremely low risk of spreading naturally.


The Department of Agriculture has asked Vuthwa to prove as much, and once that is done, the company can establish huge moringa plantations in KZN. Its pilot project is already underway in the Ilembe district near Stanger, where it aims to have 3 ha under moringa and improve the lives of roughly 1 families.

Under this scheme, community members with access to small plots of land will be organised into cooperatives with five members each.

They grow the crop with a guaranteed offtake agreement at a contracted price, and supply the oil-rich seed pods to a nearby centralised biodiesel plant. Each cooperative applies for funding that will cover the cost of planting and production.

Vuthwa has a five-year track record as a commercial biodiesel producer and has set up a one-stop moringa support centre, offering everything from seeds to advice on setting up plantations and off-take contracts.

The guaranteed offtake agreement will provide an income directly proportional to the work the cooperatives put in.


Vuthwa is a major shareholder in the biodiesel production facility. The profit will be split with the cooperatives in terms of their shareholding. The outgrowers will also have access to the biodiesel production byproducts at a nominal cost, which will spur on entrepreneurial activities.

Soap is one product that can be made from the glycerine-rich waste.

moringa biodiesel business plan

Any way you can alleviate poverty and generate an extra income counts. In KwaZulu-Natal it can grow 1,2m to 1,4m in six to eight months. Trees take about two years to produce a significant harvest and produce seeds for four to five months of the year.

The pod can sit on the tree for two to three months after ripening and can be stored and delivered to the production facility in a steady stream to ensure the community and production facility a year-round income.

Vuthwa has looked into soya and sunflower as potential biodiesel crops for communities but has dismissed them. Moringa is not a suitable investment for commercial farmers as the returns are not high enough.Moringa is not a suitable investment for commercial farmers as the returns are not high enough.

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“It’s a creator of family wealth for communities with underutilised, marginal land,” he says. “Biodiesel is about the environment and sustainability.

Moringa Farming Business Plan habusiness plans drawn in universal scenario based on optimum conditions for growing the biodiesel crop worldwide. CJP can help clients identify the needs, opportunities and solutions of their local, regional and national markets.

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