Nursing shortage impacts and strategies

Yet, the vacancy rate for RNs continues to rise and currently stands at 7. Despite that fact, there is still a growing demand for nurses both in hospitals and the community. Employment of registered nurses is projected to grow by as much as 16 percent bymuch faster than the average for all occupations, said the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

American Nurses Association has reported the total number of licensed registered nurses in the US to be at 3. This number represents the nursing profession to be the largest congregation of health care professionals in the USA. Despite this number, there is still a growing demand for nurses in the hospitals and community.

The purpose of this article is to describe what the nursing shortage means and will provide useful information further understand issues affecting the nursing shortage. What is a nursing shortage? An absolute shortage is a situation where skilled people are not available for a specific vacancy.

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In contrast, a relative shortage is a situation where qualified people are available for the vacancy; however, they do not meet other employment criteria. Other examples of relative shortage may include; geographical location, equity considerations, recruitment and retention challenges and meeting the demand for replacements.

Factors Affecting Nursing Shortage The United States, being a first world nation is not spared from this global crisis. One factor that is affecting the U. Anderson and Carr have identified the following factors contributing to the nursing faculty. Patients suffer is nurses are simply not there.


Image grabbed from Medrants. Effects of Nursing Shortage As mentioned in the introduction part of this paper, the lack of nurses in the healthcare industry can pose many negative effects in the community, the nation, and even in the global arena.

A range of studies have demonstrated links between nurse staffing levels and a range of negative health outcomes. Strategies to Address the Issue There are many ways to kill the cat, so to speak. Every country has encouraged their policymakers to plan and address this issue with great urgency.

The following statements are recommendations gathered from several nurse experts that can help increase the supply of nurses in the country using all the possible resources available: Teach More Nurses Online In a regulated profession like nursing, starting a new nursing school is not easy. But a dozen fully accredited, highly regarded nursing schools already offer their programs online.

Nursing shortage impacts and strategies

The academic portion of the program is completed online while the clinical portion is completed locally. A greater capacity to teach nurses today would significantly ease the nursing crisis facing us in the coming years.

Opening more online nursing schools would help resolve the nursing crisis at its core. Not only is the capacity for teaching nurses online higher than that of teaching them on-campus, nurse educators can leverage their time better, the programs are less expensive, and most of these programs have no waiting list.

Teach More Nurse Educators.Nursing shortage impacts U.S. facility and others abroad A Nebraska hospital has closed its doors due to a nursing shortage, according to a Kearney Hub article published online June 8.

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CHI Health Good Samaritan closed its Transitional Care Unit after management suffered staffing challenges. Effects of Nursing Shortage on Patient Care Due to the shortage, nurses often need to work long hours under very stressful conditions, which can result in fatigue, injury, and job dissatisfaction.

Nurses suffering in these environments are more prone to making mistakes and medical errors. In this article, we describe the nursing shortage in Macao SAR, discuss factors contributing to the shortage, and present strategies used to manage the shortage in Macao SAR, with the goal of contributing to the understanding of the global nursing shortage problem.

Challenged by a Nursing Shortage? Consider These Short-Term Solutions and Long-Term Strategies

The nursing shortage will ultimately effect patient loads, working conditions, and quality care for the patients in all nursing sectors. If propoer strategies are not developed, the increased stress associated with the shortage may lead to greater turnover in the profession, which only compounds the shortage .

Health Care at the Crossroads: Strategies for Addressing the Evolving Nursing Crisis Released in August by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), the authors found that a shortage of nurses in America's hospitals is putting patient lives in danger.

Nursing shortage impacts and strategies

HEALTHCARE STAFFING SURVEY REPORT •Recruitment & Staffing strategies with effectiveness ratings, •RN Turnover Rates and Cost, •Healthcare Economics and Financial Impact, and •Cost of RN Contract Labor.

Impact of the Nursing Shortage on the Hospital: (N=) Yes.

Challenged by a Nursing Shortage? Consider These Short Term Solutions and L