Persuasive essay on the importance of education

Why is Education Important in Our Society?

Persuasive essay on the importance of education

Its importance spans across various aspects of our lives including its ability to inspire development and break the chains of poverty experienced in the most vulnerable environments where humans reside.

Societies understanding of the importance of education have led to the creation of numerous governmental and non-governmental programs designed to provide everyone with the basic educational requirements needed to function positively in any community. Also, in educational circles its importance is understood and this is why financial aid is usually made available for gifted students from less-privileged backgrounds to help their intellectual growth.

Now, for college students who have been saddled with the enviable opportunity to discuss the importance of education through essays, this is for you. Here are useful Facts on the Importance of Education: Education helps reduce hunger. The expansion of the means to receive an education by impoverished nations—in Africa and Asia—has had a positive effect in reducing poverty ratings and malnutrition in these continents.

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Education plays an important role in improving maternal health and child survival rate. Statistics show that children born to an educated mother are twice more likely to survive to age five than kids born to an uneducated mother. This goes to show the important role female education plays in maternal and child care.

Education paves the way for economic growth.

Persuasive essay on the importance of education

Education has been outlined as one of the most important factors that determine the economic status of a population as these stats shows. Lastly, the education of girls leads to high return rates when compared to other forms of investment thereby making education for the girl-child a prerequisite for development.

Education empowers women and the girls. Education affects the Environment. Research showed that students with attention-deficit disorder ADD have benefited from exposure to nature and this drastically increases their motor-skills and ability to learn. While education at the adult level makes individuals more sensitive to nature thereby increasing recycling and creating sustainable cities.

Education has led to better communication among individuals from every nation and culture in the world. Thereby leading to more collaboration and understanding of fellow culture. Research shows that student who are taught about the global issues facing the world and about other cultures are twice more likely to take social action than their colleagues who have no knowledge about the world.

Global education has made it possible for professionals to be found in every nook and cranny of the world. Education and educated individuals make good citizens. Education is viewed as a prerequisite to good citizenship for it provides individuals with the ability to make good decisions and understand the need for civility in all their dealings.

This ensures that government institutions operate at a high level of accountability. Education creates an environment that fosters equality between minority populations and the west which makes it important for global economic growth.

Statistics show that providing quality education for students from all backgrounds—low income and high income—reduces the achievement gap among students from diverse backgrounds.

Education has also been hailed as a solution to religious extremism and according to Former US Ambassador—Bill Richardson—supporting public education in the Muslim world will drastically reduce terrorism by making the populace less easy to exploit by extremist leaders.

It states that the increase in economic growth and intellectual knowledge across the Muslim population will drastically reduce extremism. Note that these are 10 accurate facts on the importance of education you can use when writing a college essay on this subject matter.

As stated earlier, this is simply part one of three pieces that include our guide on how to write about the importance of education for college students and the 20 topics covering the importance of education.

Investing in all the People: Educating Women in Developing Countries http:What is a Persuasive Essay? Some students may ask, “What is a persuasive essay?” Before moving to the list of interesting persuasive essay topics, a student should know it is a type of academic writing assignment, which explains a certain problem and tries to convince the reader in the writer’s opinion.

The point should sound the most logical and valid. Essay on The Importance of Technology Education in Schools Words | 4 Pages The Importance of Technology Education in Schools The education world has been greatly influenced by rapidly changing technology and the increasing availability of information.

The importance of a thesis statement is that it helps the reader to identify the main idea of your education essay, because it reflects your opinion about the subject of writing. As a writer, the thesis statement will help you to control the ideas within the essay. The Importance of Postgraduate Education For many young people, college is mostly a way to get the education they need for further professional activity.

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Some students study eagerly, others drudge through it, but all of them understand that without graduating from . Essay Paper on The Importance of Education Our quest for knowledge is something we should never complete; it is a desire that we should never resist.

Education should empower us to answer such questions as how and why are as important as what, when and where; ask more questions, and then start over again.

It is important for parents to understand changes in public education and what the future holds for the education of their children. Education Week also has an opinion section that would be ideal for a persuasive essay such as this to appeal to educators and those interested in education in general.

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