Poetry and strange fits

Summary and Analysis This poem was written in Germany in and published in 18O0. The character Lucy is found in many of his poems. She is presented as a symbolic lover, and sometimes as a pure and innocent love of a child or a father. In most of his poems, he loses Lucy.

Poetry and strange fits

Two soldiers meet up in an imagined Hell, the first having killed the second in battle.

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Their moving dialogue is one of the most poignant in modern war poetry. Wilfred Owen fought and died in WW1, being fatally wounded just a week before the war ended in May By all accounts he wanted to return to the front line, despite suffering from shell shock, to justify his art.

He wrote many poems depicting the horror and helplessness; he wanted to capture the pity in his poetry. The majority of the poem is a dialogue between the two soldiers, set in a dream-like environment that is in fact, Hell. Enemies in war, the two become reconciliated in the end.

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Strange Meeting, the title taken from a poem of Shelley's, called Revolt of Islam, is full of metaphor and symbol. Religious allusions play a part too. Owen was very much torn in his faith but couldn't escape a strict religious upbringing.

So biblical influences are to the fore in certain parts of the poem. This letter from Owen to a friend in shows a little of what the poet was thinking: There men often hear his voice: Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for a friend.

Is it spoken in English only and French? I do not believe so. Thus you see how pure Christianity will not fit in with pure patriotism.

It was written at a time when hate and loathing were at their height, when a war on an unimaginable scale took the lives of millions of young men and women. Strange Meeting It seemed that out of battle I escaped Down some profound dull tunnel, long since scooped Through granites which titanic wars had groined.

Yet also there encumbered sleepers groaned, Too fast in thought or death to be bestirred. Then, as I probed them, one sprang up, and stared With piteous recognition in fixed eyes, Lifting distressful hands, as if to bless.

And by his smile, I knew that sullen hall,— By his dead smile I knew we stood in Hell.6 Technology-Based Poetry Ideas For Students That Think They Hate Poetry. by Brett Vogelsinger, English Teacher.

Poetry and strange fits

It’s safe to say that of all the genres of literature we study in school, poetry is the most scary–and not just for the students. There is a motto that has stuck in my head for a quarter century that says “Aspire to read more than what comes in the mail.” The source for this is a statement made by my late friend Jim Gustafson in the anthology None of the benjaminpohle.com version is wordier – typical enough for Jim – but his point is exact.

About the Poem: The poem “Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known”, belongs to the Lucy poems series (a collection of 5 poems), which was included in The Lyrical Ballads. The poem is a personal recollection of emotions felt by the speaker while he travelling to the place where Lucy lived.

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An extension of the Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool Sometimes, she is symbolic of a lover, and other times of the pure and innocent love of a father for his child.
SparkNotes: Wordsworth’s Poetry: Analysis Share About the Author: William Wordsworth was born in 7th April in Cockermouth, Cumberland, which is a part of the scenic region in north-western England known as the Lake District.

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