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The written report generated at the conclusion of the feasibility study can help move a team into the presentation phase of the project cycle. Executive Summary The most important page of the report is often the only page that many stakeholders actually take the time to read. Although it should always be presented on the first page of a report, the executive summary is a digest of the following five feasibility study steps. Clear Project Description A recap of the project as it is defined for the study can help stakeholders understand the questions asked and the results generated.

Sample feasib

This sample marketing plan was created with Marketing Plan Pro software. Marketing Strategy H20 Industries' marketing strategy will be to execute and communicate its value proposition of service and market segmentation advantage in providing segregated regeneration of customers' resin.

This will be expanded on in upcoming sections. Get practical ideas and good models with dozens of examples of successful marketing plans with Sales and Marketing Pro. Finish your own Marketing Plan Mission H20 Industries' mission is to segment the market for pure water by providing niche products to specialized industry sectors who are otherwise not properly serviced by large pure water suppliers.

Segregating a customer's deionization resin and regenerating it on a portable tank basis to hospital dialysis units is an excellent example of such a niche product that Sample feasib quality and service to users who Sample feasib prepared to pay a premium price.

Marketing Objectives Maintain positive, steady sales growth each quarter. Generate brand equity so that H20 Industries becomes a household word within the industry. Financial Objectives Decrease fixed costs by increasing the sales base, leveraging economies of scale. Do not decrease research and development, as a percentage of sales, regardless of the economic climate or market position.

Their need for purity might be only. Water is only a good conductor because of the quantity of dissolved solids in the water. As the ion exchange process lowers the level of total dissolved solids TDS the resistance, measured in ohms, increases.

A purity level of. They would need 18 Megohms, at which point the water would be pure and incapable of acting as a conductor.

Generally speaking, those sectors of the market that need the highest levels of purity are the customers for H20 Industries' main niche product of segregated DI exchange service. This means that the resin coming back from the customer is never mixed with any other company's resin. This is a very strong sales feature when dealing with dialysis units of a hospital, labs and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and electronics makers.

These customers are happy to pay a premium over the price charged for bulk DI regeneration service because they do not want their resin co-mingled with resin coming from a metal plater or a car wash. Quantifying the market for segregated portable deionized equipment is not easy. Unlike the market for used cars, metal furniture, or nearly every product one can think of, there are no readily-available statistics on the market for portable DI exchange.

Sample feasib

Portable DI exchange is only a small portion of their business. This has been confirmed from several sources. The relationship between input water and DI exchange capacity is charted. Assuming incoming water quality of parts per million of TDS, a 3.

This means that an average user with a flow rate of 10 gallons per minute would use up a 3. Assuming the salesman was accurate in his statement of 2, customers, this would work out tocu.

This figure is somewhat greater than the figure of , however, the subject of this business plan, H20 Industries, will has a productive capacity of only cu. Taking the midpoint estimate for the total Northern California market ofcu. Hospital Dialysis Units and Stand alone Clinics California lists 16 stand-alone dialysis clinics, many of whom have multiple locations with varying numbers of stations.

Every dialysis clinic, as least in Michigan according to BESCO, use deionization units for polishing, after initially running the water through a reverse osmosis system. In addition, there is blood analysis work which is normally done using "wet" analysis equipment that requires H20 Industries.

Labs and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers A list of labs and pharmaceutical makers in Northern California contains names. Others use so much deionization water that they have their own built-in DI system. The rest who have flow rate needs of between one and 20 gallons per minute are in the range most economically serviced by portable DI exchange.

Electronic Manufacturers Semiconductor manufacturers and other makers of electronic components need pure water to flush with. As microprocessors use wafers of ever-decreasing size, the requirements for pure water to rinse with increase, as do various other additional micro filtering.

A list of electronics manufacturers in Northern California names makers. Machine Tools and Parts This is one of the fasting growing sectors as more manufacturers conform to the ISO standard, which requires delivered parts to be clean defined as rinsed thoroughly with water of one Megohm purity or better.USD,_ United States iii Department of Agriculture Feasibility Study of Capturing Food Data at Checkout Food and i Nutrition Service Office of Analysis, Nutrition, and Evaluation Sample Stores, September and October ..

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Financial Aspect. Acknowledgement: First of all we would like to thank God for giving us the knowledge and idea during our research, secondly we would like to thank our professor, Ms. Melody. Definition of feasible in the dictionary.

Meaning of feasible. What does feasible mean? Information and translations of feasible in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions . Business Plan For Finale Sports Bar & Grille Submitted by: Jack Johnson Car, MI December 10, IMPORTANT: The business plan option is open only to students with knowledge and experience in business accounting, marketing, management, and/or entrepreneurial investment.

Send me proof of this along with the outline. after Co has recouped its development investment. The May Feasib Update shows a year capex payback, after which the tax could be imposed. Important to note, the Feasib Study (link on Co’s website) on page states the Govt’s “share of cumulative benefits derived from .

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