Sample radio station business plan

Prepare to invest yourself in your radio business goal with commitment and energy. All radio business development hinges on an FCC license. Develop a radio station business plan.

Sample radio station business plan

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Radio Station Business Plan

Also check our blog usually updated daily Latest edition of our newsletter released December is now available for reading. The newsletter addresses the value of situation analyses and marketing planning for community radio, and introduces a useful new health-assessment radio toolkit developed by Open Society Initiative of South African and Wits Radio Academy.

sample radio station business plan

Click here to access it on the web, you can subscribe to receive future editions. Click on our Facebook connect buttons to check our Facebook page and talk about topics of interest. This finding is no surprise to Audience Dialogue, a good starting point to improve financial sustainability are our resources on marketing and business models.

People Meters We are researching the development of personalised people meters for the measurement of radio listening and for other media consumption.

If you are interested in this topic please visit our new page on people meters. Click here to learn more via the videothat describes and discusses the different stages of using the tool with actual examples from Nepal.

sample radio station business plan

The technology is a form of passive audience measurement. This is a very welcome development - one that we think is very much needed as listening audiences become more dynamic and multi-faceted, and will be relevant also for media in the developing world as smart phone ownership increases rapidly.

An article by Gery Ryan and H. Russell Bernard explains some simple ways to analyze qualitative data by identifying themes, click here to read it on an external website. It complements our contents on qualitative data analysis.

Thanks to Sara Hill for referring this to me. Below is an active user Ojok Moses Ricky who is a proponent for improving radio development and sustainability especially in northern Uganda, a topic we featured in a recent newsletter. If you would like to browse the contents of the book, read some parts of it or buy a copy then please visit the book webpage.APPLICATION FOR DIGITAL TELEVISION BROADCAST STATION LICENSE GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Part 73 "Radio Broadcast Services" FCC Rules may be purchased from the Government partnership does business; if an unincorporated association, the name of an executive officer, his/her office, and the.

Business Model

Mzanzi-fm Business Plan Business Plan Product description Mzanzi-FM is an online application which delivers the best music and radio streaming of both local and international content Our Primary Factors Streaming allows users to go online and .

Originating from radio station WKY, Oklahoma City, it was written by Scott Bishop (of Mysterious Traveler and The Sealed Book fame) and was heard Fridays over stations.

conversations about personal change, a forum for transgender issues, or want to listen to an Old Time Radio show: the Radio Programs collection has something for you. If you. E-Marketing Plan For Wisconsin Public Radio Prepared by: Claire Couillard April 29, FY Strategic Plan v.

7/19/10) E-business Objectives 1. Increase weekly streaming cume to 15,, monthly web page views to ,, and social •Growing Organization with two new radio stations being added in the next 5 years. The purpose of this business plan is to raise $1,, for the development of a radio station company while showcasing the expected financials and operations over the next three years.

Radio Station, Inc. (“the Company”) is a New York based corporation that will provide develop and distribute radio programming produced by the business to.

Buyers Using Programmatic Platforms Say They Plan to Increase or Maintain Spending on Radio and Digital Audio IT and general business executives from radio stations and groups across the.

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