Studying abroad an intercultural communication experience

Moscow, Russia business, innovation, and STEM fields only Warsaw, Poland Izmir, Turkey Kyiv, Ukraine Prior to departure, participants receive a handbook specific to their country and internship location that provides detailed information about their site, including information about life, culture, transportation, health and safety, what to pack, and much more.

Studying abroad an intercultural communication experience

Here are a few of your options: We want that outcome to be different for you! Once paired with an intercultural mentor, students will complete a series of assignments which include short readings, interviews, and reflective essays and activities.

Each assignment will be followed by mentor feedback and a reflective discussion. These submissions and discussions will provide documentation of intercultural reflection and can be used to create a portfolio of individual skill acquisition.

This would demonstrate to employers an increasing cultural self-awareness and an ability to work effectively with people from other cultures. By completing this coursework students will earn not only one hour of course credit but also a certificate that indicates intercultural competency.

The accompanying certificate can also be uploaded to the co-curricular transcript, a professional portfolio, or a Linked-in page. Purdue West Lafayette undergraduate degree-seeking students of any nationality who are participating in a semester or academic year study abroad program through Purdue University are eligible for the scholarship.

Students wishing to enroll in a credit-bearing course option should provide an explanation of specific academic need in order to be considered for placement. ENGR is required. SCI can contribute to the fulfillment of the CoS language and culture requirement or fulfill the intensive activity requirement for those enrolled in Learning Beyond the Classroom.

For more information on this course, option contact an Intercultural Learning Specialist at cilmar purdue. Although CIE's materials are much more attractive, we find the attached easier to use when collecting reflections and other artifacts of learning from students and for encouraging interaction between students.

An overview is available here. Overall, most of the exercises really showed the diversity of us all even in our own cultures. Obviously, I enjoyed the experience, Visit the Center for Instructional Excellence for more information.

Study Abroad Preparation This CIE course is designed to introduce you to a developmental model of intercultural knowledge and competency to prepare for study abroad. You will describe your own culture and compare and contrast it to other cultures including history, values, communication styles, economy, beliefs, and practices.

You will explore the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to communicate and interact effectively with diverse persons from diverse or different cultures and national backgrounds. The content was designed to meet key educational goals that help learners develop intercultural competence and deal with cultural adjustment.

These goals are organized into four core areas: This blended learning program is flipped to deliver content online and leverage offline facilitation for deep reflection about intercultural learning. The program is modular and developmental, helping learners grow at their own pace, with ample opportunities for peer-learning with other participants from around the globe.Our four week sustainability courses provide an intercultural immersion experience where Brazilian and international students seek to identify and implement practical solutions to the challenges of sustainability in a fragile ecosystem.

The Center for Languages & Intercultural Communication offers Rice in Country, Rice faculty-led summer study abroad programs. Students earn 6 credits in 6 weeks through a combination of coursework, homestay, community engagement, cultural excursions, and .

Intercultural issues for study abroad participants "One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." — Henry Miller. One of the most rewarding aspects of study abroad is the experience of being immersed in another culture.

Skills that students have developed and are able to demonstrate as a result of a successful study abroad experience include the obvious; international knowledge, second or third language skills and intercultural communication skills.

Assurance of learning in University of Wisconsin ABSTRACT knowledge, intercultural communication skills, and global perspectives in order to be competitive in the global arena.

Studying abroad an intercultural communication experience

In order to meet the increasing demand for an international study abroad experiences: • Academic progress and intellectual development. Studying abroad is a unique and transformational learning experience.

Students who have studied abroad are better able to work with people from other countries, understand the complexity of global issues, and have greater intercultural learning.

Studying Abroad