System analysis and design midterm

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System analysis and design midterm

Implementation of control for external interactions Package classes and associations into modules Object Identification The first step of object design is object identification.

System analysis and design midterm

The objects identified in the object—oriented analysis phases are grouped into classes and refined so that they are suitable for actual implementation.

This stage essentially involves constructing UML diagrams. Classification of Operations In this step, the operation to be performed on objects are defined by combining the three models developed in the OOA phase, namely, object model, dynamic model, and functional model.

An operation specifies what is to be done and not how it should be done. Operations are defined for the events received by the objects. Cases in which one event triggers other events in same or different objects are identified.

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The sub—operations within the actions are identified. The main actions are expanded to data flow diagrams. Algorithm Design The operations in the objects are defined using algorithms.

An algorithm is a stepwise procedure that solves the problem laid down in an operation. Algorithms focus on how it is to be done.

There may be more than one algorithm corresponding to a given operation. Once the alternative algorithms are identified, the optimal algorithm is selected for the given problem domain. Design of Relationships The strategy to implement the relationships needs to be chalked out during the object design phase.

The main relationships that are addressed comprise of associations, aggregations, and inheritances. Analyze the path of associations and update them if necessary. Implement the associations as a distinct object, in case of many—to-many relationships; or as a link to other object in case of one—to-one or one—to-many relationships.

Make provisions so that behaviors are shared when needed. Implementation of Control The object designer may incorporate refinements in the strategy of the state—chart model. In system design, a basic strategy for realizing the dynamic model is made.

System analysis and design midterm

During object design, this strategy is aptly embellished for appropriate implementation. A finite state machine can be implemented as a program. A transition forms an input statement, the main control path forms the sequence of instructions, the branches form the conditions, and the backward paths form the loops or iterations.

This class executes the state machine through a set of transitions and actions provided by the application. Here, an event is implemented as an inter-task call.

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It preserves inherent concurrency of real objects. Packaging Classes In any large project, meticulous partitioning of an implementation into modules or packages is important. During object design, classes and objects are grouped into packages to enable multiple groups to work cooperatively on a project.

Closely connected classes should be in the same module. Unconnected or weakly connected classes should be placed in separate modules. Modules should have good cohesion, i.

A module should have low coupling with other modules, i. Design Optimization The analysis model captures the logical information about the system, while the design model adds details to support efficient information access.

Before a design is implemented, it should be optimized so as to make the implementation more efficient. The aim of optimization is to minimize the cost in terms of time, space, and other metrics.

However, design optimization should not be excess, as ease of implementation, maintainability, and extensibility are also important concerns. It is often seen that a perfectly optimized design is more efficient but less readable and reusable. So the designer must strike a balance between the two.Measles and Rubella Global Strategic Plan – midterm review report: Background and summary ☆.

Feasibility Analysis is the process of evaluating a process or system at the planning phase. It is an evolution to see if change or development is cost effective, less labor intensive, fixing a problem or just too many variables and it is not worth it.

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Course Text: M. Sami Fadali and A. Visioli, Digital Control Engineering - Analysis and Design, 2nd edition, Academic Press, Objectives: This course is designed to give senior students the ability to analyze and design digital control systems.

Get the latest science news and technology news, read tech reviews and more at ABC News. Software architecture & design midterm review. Total Cards. Subject. Software. requirements of the concrete problem by providing reusable analysis models and facilitate the transformation of the analysis model into a design model by suggesting design patterns and reliable solutions for common problems.

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