The art of wine tasting

Herzog Wine Cellars Herzog Wine Cellars combines state-of-the-art technology with a hands-on approach to artisan winemaking.

The art of wine tasting

Both newcomers and wine professionals implement this practice as it really is the only way to form non-skewed evaluations of wine. Not judging a book by its cover is one thing.

Not judging a wine based on the information printed on the label? That takes hard work—and brown-bagging is the way to do it. Wine professionals follow an incredibly intricate, perplexing, and sometimes stressful system of evaluation.

But for the sake of class, we stuck with a more basic method and kept it pleasant. For whites this can range from lemon-green to deep amber while red wines will range from purple all the way to brown. Next, you want to take a few more light whiffs of your wine and think about the flagrant aromas that leap out of the glass and into your nose.

And now on to the palate where things can get a bit more technical. The sweetness level of the wine is quite a distinguishable facet and can range from bone-dry to luscious.

Sweet or not sweet—is the level of acidity in this wine high enough to cause your mouth to pucker up or does its lack of acid leave the wine tasting syrupy on the tongue? Another unavoidable complex is tannin, which is the graininess caused by grape skins.

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Are they more restrained and elegant? Or are they a juxtaposition of powerful yet velvety? Once you have done so, try repeating a similar process as you did on the nose and consider the flavor components that you notice.

Again, instead of just listing every single fruit you detect, think in categories such as fruit, floral, herbal, spices, oak, minerality, and so on. Do the flavors continue to linger causing you to remain in a state of utopian bliss?

Or do they quickly fall off a cliff, leaving your palate curiously wondering if that was all a dream?The Art of Wine Every Thursday from 5pm-7pm The Art of Wine Join us every week in the Wine Studio at Varia as we sip, savor and explore the world of wine with Sommelier Bethany Morris.

This weekly event is FREE to attend, and only $15 to enjoy wine tastings and small bites. The Art. The Hess Winery has earned international recognition for its wine, culinary and visitor programs as well as Hess' extensive contemporary Art Museum. Art Studio, Music Studio, Wine Studio.

Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve after 2pm, Christmas Day, & New Year's Day.

Hess Collection-A Wine and Art Destination

Upcoming Concerts Here • Upcoming Art Classes. WINE. wine tasting 11am to 3 pm. live music 4 to 8 pm. Sunday, Monday, Thursday & Friday: 11 to 6 pm. wine tasting 11 to The Akron Art Expo's Beer & Wine Tasting!

The art of wine tasting

The Beer & Wine Tasting is everyone’s favorite wine, beer and food event. The tasting takes place under our Arts Expo Tent at Hardesty Park. Apr 29,  · Fascinated with the culture, politics and economics of wine, and how urban and rural cultures are so closely intertwined, Robinson went on to direct several other documentaries on wine, food, agriculture and sustainability, and, in , he re-edited the .

A docent led tour of The Hess Collection Art Museum, featuring works from Donald Hess’ private collection with an optional complimentary tasting of current release wines in the tasting room immediately following.

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