The mc donalds corporation overview essay

The founding of the present day McDonald's Corporation dates back to April 15, when a franchised restaurant was opened by Ray Kroc in Illinois.

The mc donalds corporation overview essay

McDonalds is the world's leading global foodservice retailer with 35, location serving approximately 70 million customers in more than countries each day.

Financial Analysis of the McDonalds Company - Essay

McDonald's goal is to become customer's favorite place to eat and drink by serving core favorites such as world glass fries, big mac, Quarter Pounder and Chicken Nuggets Mcdonalds. McDonalds Corporation was founded in when Ray Croc was appointed by the McDonald brothers as the first franchisee.

Ray Croc opened his first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. Ray croc recognized an opportunity to provide customers with a standard product that they could purchase at different locations. This simple idea led to a fast food chain that became the leading global food service retailer in the world.

The organization has a trademarked golden arch that is recognized by nearly every American in the United States and has been the leading fast food chain in the world.

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McDonald's is organized as a divisional organization. It is operated by either a franchise, an affiliate or by the corporation itself. Hunt A divisional structure is a type of organization that groups together employees who are responsible for a particular product type or market service according to work flow this type of structure allows McDonald's to increase flexibility, and divides company responsibility into product, market and geographic structures.

The McDonalds Corporation sells many different types of fast food that can be purchased all over the world with the same presentation and taste Mcdonalds.

This concept is the foundation of this or any fast food franchise that wants success. McDonald's number one seller is the Big Mac which has been a trademark of the corporation for many years now.

The mc donalds corporation overview essay

The company also sells others favorite's sandwiches such as the chicken and fish Hunt. The company by far sells more combination meals then individual products.

These combination choices allow customers to get a drink and fry at a discounted price. McDonald's all found a niche in the breakfast market by selling breakfast sandwiches and hash brown just to name a few.

The company also sells dessert items such as apple pie and Milk shakes. McDonalds is constantly reviewing their menu to come up with new ways to meet the company's goals of bringing good food to customers.

McDonalds is a worldwide organization that operates in over different countries with over 35, locations. The McDonalds Corporation is continued to grow the amount of franchises where and when it is beneficial to the franchise but to the corporation as a whole. Recent Developments The organization just announced that work will start next year on an 86, square foot new distribution center in Orlando, Fl.

The building will take more than a year to complete and will cost overdollars Miller.This chapter gives a brief overview of McDonalds Corporation is given.

The chapter starts with an introduction. A brief history of McDonalds was mentioned. SWOT analysis of McDonalds has been done in this chapter which defines strength, weaknesses, Opportunities and threats to the company.

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The present corporation that is McDonalds dates the founding back to , when the first franchised restaurante was built in Des Plaines, IL by Ray Kroc. Presently, there sits 1 President/CEO along with 15 other board member to . The founding of the present day McDonald's Corporation dates back to April 15, when a franchised restaurant was opened by Ray Kroc in Illinois.

The mc donalds corporation overview essay

Kroc was responsible for leading the corporation to worldwide expansion. McDonald's became a public corporation, listed on the stock market in Leaving McDonald's Web Site.

You are leaving the McDonald's Corporation web site for a site that is controlled by a third party, not affiliated with McDonald's. The content and policies, including the privacy policy, on the site you are entering may vary from McDonald's viewpoints and policies.

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