The vertical fields

Future Now How vertical farming reinvents agriculture Instead of growing crops in sunny fields or greenhouses, some companies stack them and grow them in old, dark warehouses with UV lights — saving water and harvesting produce faster. By Chris Baraniuk 6 April In an old carpet factory on the outskirts of the Belgian city of Kortrijk, an agricultural upheaval is being plotted: In its case, a large frame is designed to hold conveyor belt-shunted trays of young plants under gently glowing blue and red LEDs in this former carpet factory. But their system, largely automated, is still a work in progress.

The vertical fields

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Planters of appropriate sizes and an irrigation kit that is simple to connect. The mesh is hung on a wall which we want to make bloom with plants. Thereafter you decide how much and The vertical fields - how many planters to hang and the type of flowering garden that you desire: You decide and very simply put it together.

VF DIY kit is designed for easy assembly and dismantling, and also the design of the wall can be changed without any problem.

Furthermore, being aware of the importance of water in the world, the system is designed to use water economically. The wall incorporates smart planters, which provide the plants with everything they need.

The planters, which were developed over about 5 years, provide an efficient way to provide the plants with water, air, and minerals and can be maintained easily and economically. A unique, high-quality stainless-steel cable system is part of the wall, which secures the planters.

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This structure is quickly covered with plants; plants are placed at different heights, and it is possible to maintain each part separately. We use unique sensors that measure the level of pollution and when the amount of pollution increases, the air purification system begins to work, draws in the polluting particles, and releases pure oxygen into the building.

In addition, a green wall provides acoustic and thermal insulation and protection from electromagnetic radiation. Moss Green Moss are panels in lichen which do not require irrigation or special light.

Vertical Field is specialized in producing natural products integrated with innovative technologies. The lichen is attached in a unique fashion to flexible tiles made of special fabric which can adhere to and implemented on the wall alike regular ceramic, stone tiles or other wall covering materials.

The Moss undergoes a stabilization processes which protect the plant gently and provide it with a natural texture. The lichen can be constructed in areas in which there is no water for irrigation.

The vertical fields

The lichen is soft to the touch and has a pleasant texture. Vertical Field is continuing to lead integration of innovative technologies in order to create a design for easy and convenient use of natural materials and plants.

Our interior projects combine nature, smart technology and our active system Plantsfilter.

The vertical fields

Exterior The combination of beauty, nature and advanced solution for the urban agriculture, for thermal and acoustic insulation. Our systems are produced from the finest poly carbon Materials, are light weight and U.

Operated by smart computers which precisely measure the amount of water needed in each planter, our systems are easily maintained. Unoccupied planters are identified by the system which directs the roots of neighboring planters to them thus enhancing your plant life.Washington, DC, August 21, --()-- Vertical Fields Capital LLC and Macritchie Storage LLC announced today that they, through an affiliate, acquired Hayward Avenue in Rochester, New York.

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Vertical concatenation of structure fields. Learn more about concatenate, struct, vertcat, fieldnames. Vertical farming also uses less water, grows plants faster, and can be used year-round – not just in certain seasons. The facilities also can, in theory, be built anywhere.

The Vertical Fields by Fielding Dawson () Approximate Word Count: _In Memory of C.D.K._ O n Christmas Eve around , when I was a boy, after having the traditional punch and cookies and after having sung 'round the fire (my Aunty Mary at the piano), I, with my sister, my mother and my aunts, and Emma Jackman and her son, got into.

The Vertical fields” the young boy starts out stating how his family and friends is a strong stand point of this text. The story begins saying, “when I was a young boy, after having the traditional punch and cookies and after having sung around the fire, l, with my sister, my mother and my aunts.

Dec 21,  · The Vertical Field By Fielding Dawson. April 13, A religious family sets off for a midnight church seminar. The main character is a little boy who is sitting in the back of the car.

He talks about what he sees through the window. Its Christmas Eve so all of the houses are filled with trees and wreaths are hanging up on the doors.

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