Writing action adventure novels for teens

Here are the descriptions of my two workshops: These are the kinds of characters we want in our books. What is its purpose? And what makes that three-act structure so successful?

Writing action adventure novels for teens

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Sure, setting and description are both important but they can be woven into the story. Instead, start with an action scene with your main character thick in the middle. Humor not only keeps your readers engaged but also helps relieve some of the tension after a particularly intense scene.

For instance, it can be situational — in Time Snatchersthe evil boss has a bodyguard who is obsessed with doing crossword puzzles. Read about agents seeking your query NOW. But not every scene can or should be a rip-roaring action sequence. How is he reacting to what has just happened? What is he worried about for the future?

But if your character faces and overcomes some tough challenges, then a reader is more likely to connect with him and there will also be a greater emotional payoff at the end when the protagonist ultimately succeeds.

Popular Teen Action Adventure Books

In Time SnatchersCaleb travels back in time to steal a flag for his evil boss. He only has thirty minutes to complete the snatch. If he stays in the past much longer than that, his body functions will start to fail.

writing action adventure novels for teens

On the other hand, if he comes back empty-handed, he faces punishment. There you have it — my four keys to writing the un-put-down-able middle grade adventure novel. No middle grade adventure is complete without one! There are hundreds of publishers, agents and other markets listed in the Buy it online at a discount.a breathtaking fantasy featuring an unusual friendship, an epic love story, and a galaxy-sweeping adventure.

The Legend of Zelda by Akira . In the deep recesses of my closet, buried underneath a stack of old tax returns is the unpublished manuscript for my first attempt at writing a middle grade time travel adventure. Shop Target for Action + Adventure / Survival Stories Teens' Books you will love at great low prices.

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writing action adventure novels for teens

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