Written task 1 great gatsby

In most cases, you MUST have a provenance, or a publication source. For example, if you are writing an editorial, you must have an actual newspaper for which you are writing.

Written task 1 great gatsby

In most cases, you MUST have a provenance, or a publication source. For example, if you are writing an editorial, you must have an actual newspaper for which you are writing. If you are writing a movie review, you must identify a website or magazine where your review will be featured.

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Form and structure are just as important as content. Do research on your text type.

Written task 1 great gatsby

If you don't know the structural features of an editorial, research them and incorporate them into your task. To be completed in detail before drafting or reworking an existing task.

Click HERE for the proposal form. Proposals are due Monday, 5 October. How to write an effective rationale: The key to any rationale is to be specific and concise.

Include examples from your own writing and analyze your work. What choices did you make? Why did you make those choices? I recommend outlining your ideas in the following format: Task and Content What was your task?

Who is your target audience? What are you critiquing? How did you structure your task and why?

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Discuss structural techniques of your text type and pull examples from your task for support. Language What language features did you incorporate and why?

How did they help achieve your goal? Produced inthe issues regarding media bias and sensationalism in the film are still applicable to present day.

Through this task, I aimed to persuade others to watch the movie. I structured this task as seen through preliminary research of existing film reviews on rogerebert. I decided to integrate the plot summary, descriptions and analyses, inserting my critique between descriptions of scenes where themes of bias and sensationalism apply.

The conclusion summarizes both my critique of media bias and sensationalism, as well as my opinion of the movie as a reviewer.

Written task 1 great gatsby

In terms of language features, first person pronouns were used, directly addressing and include the reader to create a sense of camaraderie so they feel engaged and therefore more likely to take my advice and go see the movie. Eliot and The Great Gatsby by F. Like the two original texts, this piece is also intended to act as a social critique of the society of the s.

Following the structure of The Waste Land as a modernist poem, this pastiche has two vignettes with each stanza emulating the style and structure of the original poem. For example, the first stanza includes enjambment of the first lines with a gerund, imitating the style of the first stanza of The Waste Land.

Another example is the style of the second vignette which mirrors the original poem by juxtaposing Daisy Buchanan who represents high class society with Catherine who represents low class.


The language and style of pastiche emulates The Waste Land by using a parallax narrative voice as Eliot did, with each stanza having a different narrative voice. The narrative perspectives shift between the characters of Dr. The contrasting register and diction is also inspired by the original poem, with the sophisticated diction representing higher society as it does in the last stanza of the first vignette, with the last stanza using lower class diction in the form of s slang to represent the lower class narrative voice.

A form of homage by imitating the style of the author; a conscious decision to integrate elements of literary style theme, characters, concepts, symbols from previously published work. Often it is used to show a different take on the story or to demonstrate universality of themes.

Wicked is a pastiche of The Wizard of Oz Prose pastiche the impossible narrator:Oct 31,  · This written task revolves around the novel, “The Great Gatsby” by F.

Scott Fitzgerald. The written task revolves around the scene of the death of Myrtle from the car accident up to the end where Wilson murders Gatsby and commits suicide in chapters 7 and 8 of the novel.

Written Task 1 Great Gatsby Essay road expedition and managed to end up in Louisville. Louisville; where my youthful innocence had captivated a young trainee army officer.

The Great Gatsby. Written Task 2 Requirements , words (around 3 pages, double-spaced) Responds to 1 of 6 prescribed questions accompanied by the IB outline demonstrates your understanding of The Great Gatsby Intro, Body, Conclusion need to use properly cited evidence from the text.

Nov 04,  · Fitzgerald writes Gatsby as an unpredictable isolated figure in which society seems to be curious about. Therefore, the objective of this written task is . Oct 31,  · IB English SL YR 2 -Written Task- The Great Gatsby Rationale For Part 4 of my English course we studied The Great Gatsby, an American novel in s written by F.

Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby Chapter 8 Summary ; Macbeth Written Task ; written task 2 heart of darkness ; Things Fall Apart Written Task ; Written Task on a Dolls House – a Fable ; How the human condition is portrayed through “The Great Gatsby”, written by F.

Scott Fitzgerald and “Blade Runner”, directed by Ridley Scott.

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